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28th Jan, 2018


OOC // Crit Post

This is the character criticism post. Where, you know, you say to me things that need to be said. Like, say, "Your portrayal of $CHARACTER sucks, and this is why," or, "I find $ACTION unbelievable for $CHARACTER."

    Things That Are Cool
  • Constructive criticism.
  • Anonymous commenting.
  • Constructive praise.
  • Porn. (Porn is always welcome.)
  • Trying to get in touch with me if I'm not on AIM.

    Things That Are NOT Cool
  • Random bashing.
  • Vague praise.
  • Spam.
  • Things that are not constructive, or you just plain wouldn't want in your inbox.

    Characters Played
  • BT (bee_dot_tee)
  • ...and nobody else. Yet.

7th Mar, 2008

unhappy thoughts

.015 // Eurgh.

Thankfully all that nonsense from the day before yesterday is over. I think that was even more mortifying than being killed by a doll. The Wicked Queen indeed. Hmph.

{Filtered to Gintoki/Viewable to Kaiba/Unhackable}

Gintoki, if you'd like, today might be a good day to meet. How does noon in the Square sound? Cafe Juliet, perhaps?


5th Mar, 2008

unhappy thoughts

.014 //

{Filtered From Snow White;}

Excuse me, but has anyone seen my stepdaughter, Snow White? I've reason to believe she may be in terrible danger!


{Filtered to Huntsman/Ted}

What manner of fool are you? How could you let the wench escape?

unhappy thoughts

.013 // Irritating.

My mirror has been painted over. How is it to speak to me if it's been rendered useless? How is it to reassure me if it cannot see me?

Most distressing.

Perhaps some other mirror will do...

{OOC: Yeah, BT thinks she's the Evil Queen from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".}

4th Mar, 2008

unhappy thoughts

013 // Truly beginning to hate this place

I am truly beginning to hate this place. Killed again. Do I never learn? I spent most of yesterday... I can only assume dead, thanks to a hinamatsuri doll.

Does the City have a place that provides self defense lessons?

2nd Mar, 2008

unhappy thoughts

.012 // Private to Self (Hackable)

Private//HackableCollapse )
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29th Feb, 2008

don't NEED your forgiveness

.011 // Well, well.

The ticking finally stopped. How about that.

I'm still a little worried about that closet.

{{PRIVATE // hackable}}
Thirty-six days. I still miss him. Little things keep reminding me of him. It's so ridiculous. I hate feeling this weak.


I hate being occasionally impulsive. This was a bad idea. Can't play a player. Maybe if I just confront him about it? Upfront's not my style, but I'd rather not have him try to use me as a pawn in some game of his.

I'm making the same mistake I made with Sora. Damn it, the exact same mistake. I swore I'd never try to use a user again. But that's exactly what's happening. I should have known he was a user.

How am I going to get out of this one?


PRIVATE TO KAIBA/hackable, probablyCollapse )

28th Feb, 2008

wicked smile

.010 // Machiavellian machinations and manipulations


Gintoki, Kaiba. What would you think about helping out in this project? It may be advantageous to perform a very visible charity act.

The boy strikes me as very honour-bound. His owing us a favour may be quite useful in the future... And, of course, helping him here may lead him to invest in the bank.

undeniably happy

.009 // actual good news

I seem to have escaped the more recent round of curses. Seems staying in my room and reading has its advantages.

Although, now that I've polished off every book in the apartment...

Anyone have any book recommendations?

{{PRIVATE // Hackable}}
And I'm still worried about my job.

12th Feb, 2008

unhappy thoughts

.008 // Not Valentine's day...

I never much cared for candy hearts, but these... What sort of power could make people remember other people's memories? Their dirty little secrets?

Murder, Mass-Murderer, Anxiety... Liar, Pervert, Family, Shame.

That's it. I'm throwing mine in the garbage disposal. Evil little things.

{{PRIVATE // Hackable}}

Considering that Kaiba is angry with me... it's incredibly possible that MY secrets are floating out there as well.

This is all just perfect. I haven't even started working and I'm already in trouble.

And I still miss them. All of them. Even Crim and Silver Knight. Even Sora.


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